How to scrape web resources competently and efficiently

Instead of having to reverse-engineer APIs do the smart thing and leverage existing website business logic to collect data, and the power of PostgreSQL to analyze what's extracted.

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PostgreSQL + postgREST + Svelte (+ SvelteKit) lightning intro

A quick introduction into this stack, its architecture& reasons to employ it.

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A hands-on PostgreSQL + postgREST + Svelte (+ SvelteKit) tutorial

Wanna get your hands dirty following through the creation of an app using this stack?

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Spreadsheets often outlive their purpose.

Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets in general are a staple of computation and prototyping for non-developers. Here is a story of a consulting gig done right, empowering, rather than fighting the client's spreadsheets.

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A modern board-game centric home entertainment platform utilizing smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Board games have been with us forever, have involved organically and are deeply ingrained into our culture. It's time to show them some love.

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How to quickly get the expiration dates of all the SSL certs on a host

Pretty self explanatory

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Remote teams and distributed teams are a world apart.

Running a distributed team has clear advantages over "plain" remote, but does not suit all cases and requires thorough formalization to get right.

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A tale of cat food, UI/UX, and the generation gap

Mom and I went out to buy some cat food. This led to some surprising discoveries about the nature of user interaction.

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How to make a better Wolt using the Telegram Bot Platform

There’s still plenty of room for a micrologistics app/service, and there is a way to get one up to speed quickly without having to go through the app stores.

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PostgreSQL, PostgREST & Svelte are a bliss to develop with!

The combination of svelte + postgrest enables rapid prototyping while reducing boilerplate, helps minimize the mental footprint, and is straightforward to grasp, all while being surprisingly flexible.

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Takeaways from writing a mobile React multiuser treasurehunt web app/game

A saga that begins with the desire to be young again and ends with a week full of front-end programming and a day of running around in the park.

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Why and how to ditch AWS for cost reduction

AWS is an extremely evolved and useful ecosystem that makes many things easy. Nevertheless, there comes a time to say goodbye.

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org-mode -> .tsv pipe, for termsql querying

How to easily run SQL queries against your org-mode spreadsheet by empowering termsql .

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Synchronizing a local .tsv file to a google docs spreadsheet

How to share your hard-earned locally obtained/maintained data with knobheads.

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Observations from managing remote teams

A collection of insights made during several years of building, managing & scaling a distributed development process

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Running libvirt on Hetzner with libvirt-fabric-restapi

Notes summarizing many years of experience running a mini-cloud on Hetzner.

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Finding the best way to create web based games

An investigation into the feasibility of attaining a rich gaming experience with widely supported pure browser technology

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Подбор технологий для разработки браузерных игр

Исследование возможности создания полноценной игровой среды в рамках веб-ббраузера.

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תובנות מניהול צוותים מרוחקים

אבחנות ומסקנות שהתקבלו במהלך כ-7 שנים של בניה, ניהול וגידול תהליך פיתוח מבוזר.

לקריאה נוספת..

איך לצרוב אאודיו לאמא על דיסק

אם במקרה לעוד מישהו נוחתת אמא על הראש ש*דחוף* חייבת שיצרבו לה כמה שירים מהיוטיוב לטקס, ושכחתם בכלל מה זה ואיך, הנה כמה דברים שגיליתי היום.

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מה יש בריפו ומה אין בריפו

אם נניח, במקרה,
באופן ספוראדי שכזה,
תרצה לרגע לגלות
מה עלול שמור להיות
בריפוזיטורי בגיט
ומה בחוץ ללא תכלית

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בחירת טכנולוגיות לפיתוח משחקים מבוססי דפדפן

בתיקת היתכנות ליצירת חוויית משחק כוללת באמצעות דפדפן


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